Films and Faith is now on Patreon!


The time has come to ask for a little  help and like may other sites we are joining Patreon! 

There aren’t any tiers or goals (these may come depending on how things go) and I only want you to support if you’d like to and can afford to do so.

$1 a month (80p per month) may seem a small amount but every little bit does help ease the financial burden and if enough of our readership and followers were to contribute it could make a big difference. 

Currently all costs associated with the site are self-funded so any donations received will support Films and Faith by helping me with costs such as :

  • Website hosting and development
  • Podcast hosting and equipment purchase

With your donations, I hope that all aspects of the site will improve and grow. I'd love to redevelop the site at some point. I'd also love to be able to purchase better podcasting equipment to help provide a higher quality of podcast. 

Thank you for reading, for taking the time in a crowded internet to support us and I hope you continue to join me on this journey Films and Faith is on!

To find out more visit our Patreon page!