Staying in for January

It's that wonderful time of the year. A time where if you live in the UK cinemas are full of awards contenders and, for those of us who adore the cinematic experience, the option of living in a cineplex with a sleeping bag would certainly be given due consideration.

However the flip side of this conversation is that it is January and there is still an entire week before payday, (for most) so cinema trips may need careful budgetary planning or possibly reconsidered all together.

Ultimately, as much as it pains me to say it; it may be time to stay in!

Fortunately these days, although not fully recreatable on the sofa, there are options out there to ease the inner cinephile conflict.

So sit back, rleax and let Films and Faith provide you with a couple of streaming options for our consideration.   

1. Whiplash


If you haven't made it to see La La Land yet Damien Chazerlle's first cinematic outing is streaming on Netflix. This is a tale of war between pupil and student and asks the question where does the talent truly lie. Is it with the teacher who uses brutal insult and relentless practicem or with the pupil who is the home for the talent.

By no means as joyful as La La Land (huge understatement there) it is the first indicationthat Chazelle not only loves jazz but also like to examine the nature of human relationships and what makes us tick.

2. Sing Street

80's Dublin, a young boy watching his parents relationship falling apart, adapting to a new school, in need of friends and infatuated with a girl, Connor decides to start a band.

John Carney has turned the nostalgia up to maximum in this love story to 80's culture. The soundtrack is worth watching the film for alone, never mind the love story that develops and the true bromance of Connor's relationship with his older brother.

This is a relatable, heart warming look back at teenage love, the power of music and the brilliance of supportive siblings.

Sing Street is streaming on Netflix and is a film that I will watch over and over again.

3. High Rise

And now for something completely different.

Ben Wheatley films are not for everyone but his attempt to adapt the iconic novel from J G Ballard is a visual wonder. An intense look at societal structures and how we have divided classes within them, this film is the vehicle for yet another great performance from Tom Hiddleston and includes one of the best cover version of an ABBA song ever!

A reifned taste perhaps and certainly a film that divides opinion. High Rise is streaming on Amazon Prime.

So there you have 3 films that may help scratch your cinematic itch if you ae staying in.

What have you watched recently on Netflix/Amazon that you think could be added to this list??