Sunshine Blogger Award Q+A

Thanks to Ethan at Embarr Films for nominating me and asking the questions!

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a chain-letter project to celebrate and recognise the work of bloggers that you follow and appreciate.


1.What is your favourite childhood film and why?

I could go for the cool answer and say Back to the Future (who doesn't love that movie by the way) and I have watched it a lot, however truthfully my childhood movie is Transformers! 

When I was a kid I practically wore out my VHS tape of Transformers The Movie. I just adored it, my bedroom floor was littered in action figures,  I could recite the film practically by heart and I just wanted to be like Daniel and hang out with HotRod (pictured above). There is a 30th anniversary edition blu-ray being released in December and I'm already eyeing up a pre-order!  

2. What is your favourite film of the year so far and why?

Tough question. I'm not convinced that 2016 has been a stellar year for cinema. The early buzz was all around the Oscar contenders like The Revenant which I really enjoyed. Son of Saul was another standout although it's a really tough, harrowing film but also something I would consider essential viewing. Green Room was also an unexpected, grizzly treat.

I think though I have to go with Zootropolis. A film that works for all the family and has a great message, particularly in the times we live in, about community and everyone having gifts and value. A great and much needed story message for adults and kids alike.

3. Which is your social media of choice – Facebook or Twitter? And why?

Twitter 100%! I've made so many connections that have helped me in my writing and got me involved with many different projects and I'm grateful for all of them!

4. What is your favourite season and why?

Autumn. The colours and crunchy leaves, warm coats and hot cups of tea what's not to love. 

5. What is your favourite television series and why?

Long before Game of Thrones was doing family politics, violence and unexpected character deaths The Sorpanos was the must see show.

I still love it and regularly return to it to spend time with those characters. I often see some new detail I've previously missed even if it's just a little facial reaction or some minor element. The episode where Paulie and Chris get lost in the woods 'Pine Barrens' is one of the best pieces of TV  I've ever seen.

6. Which would you prefer and why- dream job set for life or travel the world (two years max)?

Dream job please. I've kids so I have to give the responsible parent answer plus I've always been a bit of a homebird.

7. You have the chance to interview five people from any aspect of films and film-making, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Tom Hanks, Steve McQueen (the director not he of Bullitt and The Great Escape) and Julianne Moore.

8. What is your favourite film genre?

Sci-Fi. It's a genre that just can go anywhere and do anything. I've always loved that idea of the vastness beyond our world and our desire to get some sort of understanding of it. The unexplored, the unknown and how that intersects with my beliefs/faith really appeals to me.  

9. What is your least favourite film genre?

Horror. I've never really understood the desire to go for a night out to the cinmea and be scared. That said the number of times where religion and horror meet on film should probably make me take more notice given the nature of my blogging. Films from this year like 'The Witch' have peaked my interest (given its religious imagery and story arc) but to date I've been too much of a scaredy cat to watch.

10. What 2016 film release are you looking forward to the most before the year ends?

I'm going to cheat and give two answers and go for  A United Kingdom & The Birth of a Nation

11. Which character is your favourite, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Han Solo no question!! 

Thanks again to Ethan for the nomination and I hope that gives a little insight into who I am and my cinematic tastes as well as my seasonal preference ;)

Right back to normal Films and Faith postings....